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Services Phone Directory

The following list of services are not limited to the City of Medicine Hat, but also include frequently used services in the community. Please refer to the list below for contact information for the requested service.

Account Inquiries: Customers

  • Accounts Receivable: 403.529.8111
  • Taxation: 403.529.8111
  • Utilities: 403.529.8111
  • Solid Waste Collection: 403.529.8176
  • Water/Sewer: 403.529.8176 

Airport: Medicine Hat Municipal Airport


Airport Management
Phone: 403.526.4664


Animals: Animal Control, Dog and Cat Licensing


Municipal Bylaw Enforcement
Phone: 403.529.8436
Fax: 403.529.8444


Assessment : Valuation of Properties, Billing, Accounting Assessment


General Inquiries: 403.529.8114
Fax: 403.502.8552  


Business Licenses

Planning, Building and Development Services


General Inquiries: 403.529.8374
Fax Line: 403.502.8038



Municipal Bylaw Enforcement 

Phone: 403.529.8481
Municipal Bylaw Inquiries
Phone: 403. 529.8447 

City Clerk - Permanent Records Only: 403.529.8221



Gas City Campground
402 11 Ave SW - Medicine Hat

Note: Administrative Building Office Hours: 8:00 am to 10:00 pm daily. May - October (weather pending)

General Inquiries: In Season: 403.529.8158
Off Season: 403.529.8333


Canada Day Celebrations


Contact: Pat Flinn
Phone: 403.548.1997



Contact during the months of May, June & July
Cultural Centre Rehearsal Room #4
General Inquiries: 403.527.9242


Cemetery: Hillside Cemetery Inquiries, Plots, Interment Services


Hillside Cemetery
General Inquiries: 403.529.8387
Fax Line: 403.527.8563


City Centre Development Agency: Downtown Business Revitalization Zone 


City Centre Development Agency

Phone: 403.529.5997
Cell: 403.878.7769


City Clerk's Office: Legislative Processes, Council Meeting Agenda and Minutes; City Elections, Census and FOIP

Minutes & Permanent Records Inquiries: 403.529.8221
City Clerk: 403.529.8234

Assistant City Clerk: 403.529.8220  
Fax Line: 403.529.8324


College: Medicine Hat College:


299 College Drive SE

Phone: 403.529.3811
Toll Free: 1.866.282.8394
Fax: 403.504.3517


Communications: Media Relations, Public Information


Corporate Communications
Phone: 403.502.8719
Fax: 403.529.8324


Community Organizations:


Southeast Alberta Regional Directory
Toll Free: 1.888.828.4636


Dangerous Goods & Heavy Truck Routes:


Municipal Works 
General Inquiries: 403.529.8177
Fax Line: 403.502.8040


Development Services: Permits, Development Approvals, Compliance Requests, Property Information

Planning, Building and Development Services
General Inquiries: 403.529.8374
Fax Line: 403.502.8038


Echo Dale Regional Park:


Parks and Outdoor Recreation
General Inquiries: 403.529.8333
Fax Line: 403.527.4798
Parks Information Line: 403.502.8579


Events: outdoor, Community Events, Concerts, WHL Tigers


The Arena
General Inquiries: 403.529.8345
Fax Line: 403.529.1112


Medicine Hat Tigers Box Office: 403.527.8406


Economic Development/Business Support Office


Business Support Office - City Hall
General Inquiries: 403.529.8373
Toll Free: 1.888.4THE HAT (1.888.484.3428)
Fax Line: 403.502.8055


Elections: See City Clerk's Office

Electric Operations: Electric Operations, Streetlights and Power Outages


Electric Distribution
General Inquiries: 403.529.8262
Fax Line: 403.502.8060


Electric Generation
General Inquiries: 403.529.8272
Fax Line: 403.528.2197

Utility Billing
Billing Inquiries: 403.529.8111



911 -  Emergency Services Communications Centre (PSCC) Enhanced 9-1-1 call answering and Emergency Services Dispatching, Disaster Services, Fire, Police, Ambulance

Emergencies: 9-1-1
Administration: 403.529.8450
Recruiting: 403.529.8449


Esplanade Arts & Heritage Centre: Buying tickets; Museum, Art Gallery, Room Rental

Esplanade Arts & Heritage Centre 
Phone: 403.502.8580
Fax: 403.502.8589
Ticket Hotline: 403.502.8777


Hours: Monday to Friday from 10 am to 5 pm and Saturday/Sunday from noon to 5 pm


Fieldhouse: Cypress Centre Fieldhouse (Stampede Grounds)


2055 - 21 Avenue SE

Booking & Inquiries (Sept - April): 403.502.8745

Bookings & Inquiries (May - August): 403.527.1234

Fire & Emergency Services: Fire services, Recruitment, Water Rescue, Fire Prevention, Permits, Public Education


Fire Administration: 403.529.8282 
Department Fax: 403.526.1352


Fire stations: 

  • Maple Avenue Fire Station #1 440 Maple Avenue SE - Phone: 403.529.8282
  • Dunmore Road Fire Station #2 3045 Dunmore Road SE - Phone: 403.502.8010
  • Gershaw Drive Fire Station #3 5 Halifax Way SW - Phone: 403.502.8760


Gas Leaks/Odours: reporting, emergency


Gas Emergency (Local-24 Hours) 403.529.8191


Gas Emergency (Out of Town-24 Hours) 1.866.248.8838

General Inquiries: Customer Service, City of Medicine Hat Services


City Hall - Main Floor - 580 First Street SE
General Inquiries: 403.529.8111 
Fax Line: 403.526.1239


Business Hours: 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Hat Smart: Energy Conservation, Audits, Solar, Wind and Geo-thermal Power Solutions; Renewable Energy


Utilities Business Support Department, Utilities Services Division
General Inquiries: 403.502.8799
Fax: 403.502.8059


Hazardous Household Waste:


Environmental Utilities Department
General Inquiries: 403.529.8176
Fax: 403.528.4955  


Hospital: Medicine Hat Regional Hospital; Palliser Health Region; Alberta Health Services


Medicine Hat Regional Hospital
666 5 Street SW
Medicine Hat, Alberta, T1A 4H6
General Inquiries: 403.529.8000


Human Resources; Job opportunities and Employee Recruitment


City of Medicine Hat Human Resources
General Inquiries: 403.529.8352
Fax Line: 403.525.8870


Insurance & Risk Management: Insures Assets and Operations, Processes Claims


City of Medicine Hat Corporate Asset Management
General Inquiries: 403.502.8019
Fax Line: 403.502.8729


City of Medicine Hat Treasury and Risk Management:
Phone: 403.529.8141
Fax Line: 403.502.8729


Medicine Hat Public Library: Library Services, Education


Reference Services: .403.502.8538
Adult Services / Information: 403.502.8525
Children's Services: 403.502.8526
Room Bookings (Information About Room Bookings): 403.502.8530


Medicine Hat Police Service: Policing and Bylaw Enforcement Services for Medicine Hat


Medicine Hat Police Service
884 - 2 Street SE

Emergency Phone: 9-1-1
General Inquiries: 403.529.8400
Fax Line: 403.529.8444


Communications Coordinator:

Police Information Manager & Coordinator: 


Medicine Hat Transit: Transit, Special Transit, Bus Stops


Downtown Terminal (MHT Office)
333 – 6th Avenue SE
Office Hours: Monday to Friday  from 8 am to 4 pm 


Transit Information Line: 403.525.8899
General Inquiries: 403.529.8214
MHT Manager: 403.529.8216
Fax Line: 403.527.5844


Office of the Chief Administrative Officer: Ensures Implementation of Municipal Programs and Policies

Merete Heggelund 
Chief Administrative Officer - Municipal Services


Parks & Recreation: Parks, Leisure Trails, Facilities & Fields, Street Trees


Parks and Recreation
General Inquiries: 403.529.8333
Fax Line: 403.527.4798
Parks Information Line: 403.502.8579


Planning Land Use Regulation, Subdivision, Zoning, Condo Conversion:


Planning, Building and Development Services
General Inquiries: 403.529.8374
Fax Line: 403.502.8038




Municipal Works
General Inquiries: 403.529.8177
Fax Line: 403.502.8040


Road and Sidewalk Maintenance
Phone: 403.529.8177


Police Point Park & Medicine Hat Interpretative Centre: Attraction, Educational Programs

Medicine Hat Interpretive Program
Nature Line: 403.529.6225
Fax: 403.526.6408 


Purchasing: Procurement of Goods and Services, Tenders, RFP


City of Medicine Hat Purchasing
General Inquiries: 403.529.8236
Fax Line: 403.526.1239


Land Sales: Residential, Commercial and Industrial Lot Sales


Land and Properties
General Inquiries: 403.529.8148
Fax Line: 403.502.8055


Maps:  City i-map


City of Medicine Hat Geographic Information Services
General Inquiries: 403.529.8101
Fax Line: 403.502.8574


City maps available at Tourism Medicine Hat l Visitor Information Centre l #8 Gehring Road SE


Recreation and Culture: Recreation and Culture Guide, Indoor Facility Rentals, Liason for Community Groups, Grants

Parks & Recreations 
General Inquiries: 403.529.8316
Fax Line: 403.529.8324 or


Road and Street Operations - Road and lane maintenance within City of Medicine Hat only, Sidewalks, On-street Traffic; Pothole repair


Municipal Works
General Inquiries: 403.529.8177
Fax Line: 403.502.8040


Road and Sidewalk Maintenance
Phone: 403.529.8177


Traffic Issues
Phone: 403.529.8177


Senior Services:


Strathcona Centre, 1150 5th Street SE 

Phone: 403.529.8307
Fax: 403.529.8369


For more information and contact information, click here.



Public Skating Hotline: 403.502.8570

Ice Rentals: 403.502.8745


Direct to Arenas (Lost and Found, etc.)

The Arena - 403.529.8345

Family Leisure Centre AEC Arena - 403.502.8566 

Hockey Hounds Recreation Centre - 403.527.4171

Kinplex I & Kinplex II - 403.527.9570 

Moose Recreation Centre - 403.527.4170 

Social Development: Community Development, Planning, Support, Awareness


City of Medicine Hat Social Development

General Inquiries: 403.529.8311
Fax Line: 403.529.8324


Statistics & Data: Business Statistics & Data


Business Support Office

General Inquiries: 403.529.8373
Fax Line: 403.529.8324


Business Licenses, Home-Based Businesses & Permits

General Inquiries: 403.529.8374
Fax Line: 403.502.8038


Street Lights: Report a Problem, Traffic Light Outages, Cross-Walking Signals


Electric Distribution
General Inquiries: 403.529.8262
Fax Line: 403.502.8060


Swimming: Pools, Wave Pools, Water Slides

Swimming Hotline: 403.502.8571

General Inquiries: 403.502.8566
Fax Line: 403.502.8561

  • Crestwood Recreation Centre
  • Heald Pool
  • Heights Pool
  • Hill Pool
  • Strathcona Pool
  • Family Leisure Centre
  • Echo Dale Regional Park

Tigers: Medicine Hat Tigers, Western Hockey League (WHL)


Medicine Hat Tigers Hockey Club
Business Phone: 403.526.2666
Ticket Hotline: 403.527.8406
Fax: 403.526.3072


Tourism: Tourism Medicine Hat; Visitor Information


Tourism Medicine Hat, #8 Gehring Road S.W. 
Phone: 403.527.6422
Toll Free: 1.800.481.2822
Fax: 403.528.2682


Hours: Open from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm from Mid-September to Mid-May,  and open from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm Mid-May to Mid-September.


Traffic Lights: Outages (24 Hour)


Electric Communications/Emergency Services

General nquiries: 403.529.8260


Utility Billing and Utilities Customer Service:

Customer Service - City Hall
580 First Street SE


General Inquiries, Customer Service: 403.529.8111
Collections: 403.529.8113
Fax Line: 403.526.1239


Business Hours: 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Waste and Recycling Services: Solid Waste, Recycling, Garbage, Composting, Landfill, Commercial Waste Service, Water, Sewer and Wastewater Facilities

Environmental Utilities Department
General Inquiries: 403.529.8176
Fax: 403.528.4955

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